About Shift Health Medical

Improving outcomes
through patient reported data.

Shift Health delivers better patient engagement from person to population.

Because patients are people first.

Patients are people first and Patient Reported Data (PRD) is the information that contextualizes their lives beyond their physical metrics. With quality PRD, providers and healthcare organizations can deliver the most relevant care.

Quality PRD means better outcomes

Informed care through PRD considers the aspects of a patient’s life that frames their symptoms in and out of the clinic. Knowing the story behind your patients’ behaviors creates opportunities for better clinical outcomes, improved patient satisfaction and increased effectiveness of care.

Not only will this create positive clinical experiences, but it will also bolster organizational measures that are tied to reimbursement.

Shift Health supports patients as partners

Our PRD products and solutions support healthcare organizations to efficiently engage all patients as partners in their care.

When patients are partners, your costs of care are reduced and your relationships with patients are strengthened.