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Shift Health creates design-based solutions that get patients and providers speaking the same language.

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humanizing healthcare

Humanizing healthcare

Shift Health is leading the movement to make health care more human. With a focus on high-risk populations, we create simple, intuitive and clinically valuable tools that patients and providers want to use. We are motivated by the belief that patients are people first.

improving communications

Improving communicaton

We elevate clinical communication by bringing smart design to health care settings. We create interactive tools that speak to both patients and providers, simplifying the translation and flow of patient information at all points along the clinical journey.

prompt results
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bringing the patient voice into health care

TickiT® is an interactive mobile questionnaire platform designed to engage patients. TickiT instantly transforms patient-entered answers into actionable, analyzable, and easily aggregated data for productive appointments and robust quality improvement.

Why patients love TickiT

Patients like TickiT because it is interactive and easy to use. It features personalized health promotion that helps them learn about their health and bolsters their ability to have more informed discussions with their provider.

How TickiT works for providers

TickiT organizes patient-entered data instantly and sends it to providers' computers in the form of flagged reports that highlight critical information about each patient.

Key features

connect with patients

Connect with patients

Simple text and friendly graphics engage patients.

prompt results

Prompt & precise results

Real-time data management contributes to effective clinical decision-making.

prompt results
change management

Smooth change management

The Shift Health team works with providers and organizations to make sure TickiT meets their needs and integrates into their workflow.

Simplifying workflow

  • Patient fills out TickiT

  • Information is transferred

  • Results are available instantly

  • Personalized care delivered

  • Aggregated data analyzed for quality improvement

customizing care

Customizing care

TickiT’s design is flexible for use in any health care environment or quality improvement initiative. Our questionnaires are fully customizable to fit the demands of individual clinics and studies. No matter the setting, Shift Health makes the set-up and integration of TickiT seamless and offers on-going technical support.

privacy and security

Prioritizing security

ePHI collected on the TickiT platform is transmitted and stored securely. TickiT is compliant with global privacy and security legislations such as the APP, HIPAA and PHIPA.

privacy and security

Validated results

Independent clinical studies have confirmed that TickiT works:


Patient uptake


Patients felt more prepared for their clinical visit


Patients found TickiT easy to understand


Improvement in appointment efficiency

Let's bring better communication to health care, together!

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Meet the team!

Shift Health is a team of talented and driven people who are passionate about creating new solutions to address gaps in health care. Drawing from our diverse backgrounds and interests, we work together to develop new services that promote health equity.

Sandy Whitehouse

Dr. Sandy Whitehouse


Daniel Penn

Daniel Penn


Yervant Terzian

Director of Product Development
& Privacy Officer

Rebecca Heersink

Rebecca Heersink

Director of Client Experience

Sascha Garrey

Sascha Garrey

Director of Marketing
& Communications

Allan Maltais


Le Wang

Le Wang

Senior Software Engineer

roumen pavlov

Roumen Pavlov

Software Engineer

emily porta

Emily Porta

Front-end Developer

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